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kids socks Enters the high school, must make the preparation which endured hardship

Summer vacation in many study's class websites, obviously has the preparation to elevate a student to send out seeks help the placard, inquired that which can make for the high school to prepare.

15-16 year-old about child already had the strong independent ability. When in for high prepares, the guardian may resign more rights to independence to give the child, oneself work as the cheering team and rear service production brigade chief.

Diligently studies again is inquisitive again

Many high-school student's experience are: The high school and the junior middle school difference is big. Perhaps only in the third day diligently, can pass into the quite good high school, but this kind of matter impossible to occur absolutely in the high school. What the high school stressed is self-consciousness, what must first adapt was with the junior middle school dissimilar competition, the high school has collected a more widespread talented person, this was also sharpens oneself various aspects ability the good opportunity. High school's textbook is quite difficult, to diligently study is must, but are often many human to be able to neglect is inquisitive.

The interpersonal relationship also initially enters the puzzle which the high school students often bump into, should pay attention to the raise diffuse skills, should better have some aspect special skill.

A somebody who has been through passerby scholar talks about: Prepares to endure hardship, compares the third day also painstakingly. If you did not think that high three endure hardship, then present good easy to learn, uses high the third day strength one high two, guaranteed that each time takes a test in first 15, then high 3:00 you, so long as followed close on teacher to be good, will play compared to previous two years suffices the high three students relaxed many.

Regarding the puppy love question, the fellow apprentices female apprentices caliber is consistent: In three years other love, this has not represented your sentimental life not to be rich, on the contrary the broad scope will become friends with the opposite sex friend later will maintain to you the good interpersonal relationship network has the advantage. You when look back on the meeting after all between someone's ambiguous relations, will only become the temporary joke, the true trend society will be able to lean against school days friendship.

Before the matriculation, again self-localization

If summarizes teacher, the student, somebody who has been through passerby's experience, high one newborn should make below each preparation, greets three year later the life decisive battle.

* does endures hardship the preparation

Rises high into one, the student wants to face is broader, is more abstract, difficulty with understood the curriculum study, facing is more intense, intense environment of competition, facing longer in school time and farther round-trip distance, requests to enter high schoolmate to newly acquire one kind of study consciousness, the college entrance examination realizes, makes the withstanding pressure, undergoes the setback, endures patiently the lonely preparation.

* adapts to the new circumstances as soon as possible

The high school stage not only studies the knowledge depth, the difficulty enlarges, moreover the new school, new teacher, the new fellow student association caused the interpersonal environment to compare before was more complex. Not yet grows up the children are often eyes cannot take it all in facing the new environment, has all sorts of psychology unavoidably puzzled and the contradictory conflict.

* learns to study independently

Compared with the junior middle school stage, the high school stage study difficulty, the intensity, the capacity enlarges, the study burden and the pressure obvious aggravation, cannot rely on junior middle school time teacher again force-feed type teaching, safeguards-like studying by oneself, the imperative mood work, must raise oneself initiative knowledge acquisition gradually, consolidated knowledge's ability, the formulation learning program, fosters the independent study the good custom. The high newborn reflection most major problem will not attend a lecture, causes the result to slide fast, suggested that prompt and teacher will communicate,(Related Articlesblack baby socks “three doll beloved sons the mot), or the extracurricular atonement, will not want not to dare to propose, more will delay difficultly to solve.

* seeks suits the study method

The junior middle school studies the way to imitate and the memory primarily, but the high school is by understands and the application primarily, requests the student to have a stronger analysis, summarizes, the synthesis, practice ability, the basic concept, the principle digestion absorption, turns own thing. The guardian and high one newborn needs to act according to own condition, and the high school stage discipline knowledge are alternately many,kids socks, comprehensive, as well as the examination knowledge and the thought electronic contact broad characteristic, pursues a set of effective study method.

* again self-localization

Before the newborn matriculation, first has wanted the good psychological pass, to first-class school student, before in the junior middle school is in class's outstanding person, now enters a new collective, once the result has the fluctuation, must realize that to is the normal phenomenon, do not lose the confidence to oneself. If has gone to not too ideal school, should also not be discouraged, wins over the pacemaker who becomes the class and grade even grade as soon as possible.

Summer vacation is ahead of time

Knowledge preparation

After the third day graduates, prohibited that as soon as has played insanely to September 1, English, knowledge and so on mathematics puts lives. As soon as in order to avoid the beginning school difficulty enhancing suddenly causes not to be able to follow, summer vacation certainly must carry on the junior middle school knowledge the summary review, the elementary knowledge maintains the skilled condition. May also have a look at the high textbook in advance, tries the depth, if thought that the difficulty not high do not be too complacent.

The language, knowledge and so on history belong to the long-term accumulation, pulls open the disparity the part mainly in extracurricularly, will have run into extracurricular knowledge very rich schoolmate to the high school, summer vacation might look that a related extracurricular book and the famous work,baby accessories, enhanced the accomplishment.

Begins school the goods detailed list

Daily necessities: If must lodge, most important is must prepare quite the live thing. Generally the school will provide the bedding, oneself need to prepare set of toilet articles, will rest the clothing, the slipper, simple will wash dries in the sun the clothes apparatus and so on. Moreover, may prepare a kit, belt some often applies drugs; A simple sewing kit; May also prepare a picture frame, puts the photograph which in the bedroom like,Baby Girl Clothes, may help to adapt to the new circumstances. Female student not suitable belt too many toys, the middle school dormitory management is strict, the disorderly bunk not only affects cleanly, will also cause the entire bedroom point deduction.

Necessary stationery: Besides the book bag, the pen, the book, the high school returns alive needs to prepare the compass, the three-edged rule, the goods which mathematics courses and so on angle gauge must use. The book bag take the leisure shoulders package primarily, Shan Jian the package, the slanting satchel and so on as good. Specially some in try the part to carry on reinforcement processing, on the suspenders are loaded with hasp's book bag, rides a bicycle or when the movement buckles in the front, causes the suspenders not to be able to fall. The majority knapsacks inlay directly have the fluorescence strip, guaranteed that evening travels the time security.

Books: Said since birth regarding the high school that more important should be the teaching assistant books preparation, the teaching assistant book choice is extremely essential. Did not suggest that buys are too many, the key is a fewer but better. High-school student's teaching assistant book must pay great attention the quality, suggested that purchases teacher to recommend and in schoolmate the oral traditions good teaching assistant book. In addition, the middle school stage English's study is quite important, generally must prepare Oxford or Cambridge and so on more authoritative English to Chinese, the Chinese-English dictionary.

personalized baby gift ideas How to grasp the critical period to raise the child food habit

on 21st, the child bad eating behavior improvement plan which Association Nutrition Doctor the Specialized Committee sponsors by Chinese Doctor, in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo 8 city starts.

As soon as arrives at the baby to eat meal I to be anxious! Spent the food which the good long time did to be left over, my baby one day did not eat meal probably is not hungry, the child did not like eating the vegetable, fed the baby to eat meal entire family general mobilization likely to go to war the newest cruising data to demonstrate: At present China has 40%-60% children to exist probably selects food the partial eclipse question, as well as eats meal not well and so on all sorts of bad food habit.

The expert introduced that the bad food habit's formation, with the parents did not know how to carry on the scientific food to have the pass, but must let the child foster the good food habit, certainly must from the babies and infants, even a earlier time works.

140% Chinese children like selecting food

In finished the other day in the multi-country cultural exchange summer training camp, Chinese is called Di the child, on the dinner table has worked on the chicken wing to gnaw, then selects the streaky pork to eat; But a Japanese girl selects is the tomato scrambles eggs with the shelled fresh shrimp. Afterward holds the family kitchen skill competition, Di also only selects the ample food, vegetables do not want.

The experts introduced that Di on dinner table performance, verified the Chinese children to have more serious bad eating behavior.

Child eating behavior question epidemiology investigation discovery - -

Formation rate: Reaches as high as 40%-60%.

And the selecting food formation rate is 39.7%. selects food, generally is likes eating the meat, does not like eating the vegetables and so on.

Age section: Sees in each kind of age, good sends the age is 2-6 years old, 49.20% 6 year-old child selects food. The middle-school student question is also quite serious.

The common question symptom includes: Eats little, eats slowly, is not interested to food, rejects certain foods, eats while handles other matters (to watch television, plays toy and so on), eats meal when walks back and forth, drink, between-meal snack excessively many and so on.

Also has a symptom is partial to certain quality of material intensely, certain flavor food.

The investigation discovered that 85.2% children are deeply in love the foreign fast-food, some child minimum each week must have a foreign fast-food, some even daily eat, specially the middle-school student,personalized baby gift ideas, many people takes MacDonald and so on foreign fast-food to work as breakfast. Also has is partial to the sweets and so on.

Bad food habit, but also has the breakfast not to be normal.

Many children do not have the breakfast, because some school leaves home to be too far, eats without enough time; Also has the parents to work busily, leaves home to go to work early, the time has not made and so on for the child.

2 custom adverse effect intelligence growth

Causes the nutrient to lack

The bad food habit will create the protein and the trace element and so on lacking.

Most lacks has the mineral substance calcium, the iron, the zinc and so on, as well as Vitamin A, D, B and so on.

And Vitamin B, because is the water-soluble Vitamin, discharges easily from the urine; In the body does not have storing, needs to supplement every day; Cooking not, when easy to cause in food the B race Vitamin loss and so on, in addition the diet bad usual practice (children are deeply in love in foreign fast-food, Vitamin B are much less), to the child, is the easiest deficient trace element.

Vitamin B1 child lacking rate, Beijing suburb is 44.15%; Taiwan is 16.6%.

Vitamin B12 child lacking rate, Chongqing area is 31%; But the quite poor Latin American area is also 38%.

In our country Beijing, Tianjin and so on four area's investigations showed that the blood serum Vitamin A content low child, has 21.4%~39.3% many.

Denutrition influence growth

(1) influence growth: The investigation discovered that as a result of the malnutrition, causes the child to grow the growth retardation, the body weight does not increase, in the city has 5%-6%; In the countryside has 10%-12%.

(2) intelligence growth retardation: Human's intelligence and ability no doubt with congenital talent heredity related, but also with nutrition factor influence related, because the nutrients are person's intelligence and the brain grow the essential material base.

Like, eats meal not well, does not have the breakfast and so on bad eating behavior, will create the protein and so on important nutrient lacking; Eats happily the foreign fast-food fried wheaten food, undergoes the high temperature coking in the cooking, may cause the protein denaturation. But the protein, the nucleic acid, the phosphatide and the lecithin will lack will cause the brain cell number to reduce, the brain volume will change is small, the neuroglia cell, the nerve fiber growth difference, will create the intelligence growth retardation.

Does not have the breakfast, the child belly is hungry, the attention concentrates with difficulty. The brain blood supply insufficiency, affects the cerebrum growth, affects the intelligence.

If the child likes eating between-meal snack, is at the full food condition frequently, the digestive tract vasodilatation, the whole body blood concentrates in the gastro-intestinal tract, down to brain ischemia oxygen deficit, also does not favor cerebrum's growth.

The hard insufficiency or lacks, may also affect the child intelligence growth, the child the attention is not often centralized, the memory reduces, study diligently, but the result is not good.

Its physiological influence, but also has the immunity to reduce, anemia, functionality constipation and so on. Like, B race Vitamin's lacking, may let the child anemia, the immunity drop, the growth is slow, B1 continues to lack above 3 months, will appear tiredly, will be agitated, the headache, will have a poor appetite and so on.

(3) influence psychological quality: The expert said that selects food the child receives the special accommodation in the home, wanted to eat anything to eat anything, this lets the child who selected food foster willfully, selfish and so on disposition qualities. On summer training camp's dinner table, the expert discovered many times, a some child on table will like east Selah to oneself in front, disregards overeats, like this will affect his present's social development.

3 customs engrave the cerebrum to have the critical period

Why will create selects food, partial eclipse custom? The expert introduced that has the hereditary factors, some people born that way to certain food deficient interest; But what is more important the environmental factor, spoils, spoils, lacks correctly feeds the knowledge, the bad demonstration and so on, lets the child not foster the good food habit.

The cerebrum has formed the excited stove

The cerebrum growth's critical period is: The fetal stage, is born the latter ~6 months, before 6 month ~3 year old of .3 year old, the cerebrum growth will complete the person life when 90%,3 year old cerebrum's weight = adult 80%. fosters the good food habit, must when the cerebrum be a white paper starts.

The scientist once had carried on to the many birth soon babies is 14 year follow-up research, finally discovered the babies and infants time forms food habit, when their 14 years old had already achieved the stereotypia condition, will be very later difficult to change again. The reason is when the human just was born, the nerve cell is pile of loose sands, needs to establish each kind of relation under the outside stimulation. Why does the northerner like eating the wheaten food, the southerner likes having the big rice? The parents do not like having the foreign fast-food, but the child likes eating specially? This and childhood this kind of food has caused the cerebral cortex Food center to form the superiority excited stove to concern.

The excited stove forms has the critical period

According to cerebrum's growth, trains the child not to select food, the partial eclipse custom has several critical periods:

(1) fetal stage: The findings showed that baby when mother in abdomen has accepted mother food habit gradually influencing.

(2)0~6 month: A baby birth gustatory cell has grown, when sweet taste food then displays for him smiles and satisfies; Has the bitter taste medicine (for example Vitamin K) puts on the tongue when the baby to cry; On not only the baby tongue's gustatory cell has grown, moreover also has the memory function! The baby time has attempted food, often lifelong unforgettable. The memory function has often reflected baby's cerebrum's growth. Because the mother's milk can have many food flavors, accepts breast feeding after the child is weaned, is willing to attempt different food,(Related Articlesbillabong kids swimwear [baby summer clothing Xiu]Crystal treasure ultra multi summer clothing), therefore best breast feeding.

(3)6 month: Starts to increase the supplementary food to get up, the parents want to pay attention to the child good food habit fostering, must achieve food variety rich and diverse. Some mother said that to give the child the blood tonic, feeds his liver, food which the blood does, but he does not like eating. Does not like eating, must feed to him eats, after letting his cerebrum's Food center and this kind of food establish the relation, he will accept and likes this kind of food.

(4)1 to 3-and-a-half years old, this is the critical period which the child food habit forms, the parents cut cannot make one concession after another, tolerate the child to select food, partial eclipse, between-meal snack, when the food eats and so on abuse. Many children are partial to the foreign fast-food, does not love the fruit and vegetable, possible and this time bad feeds concerns.

The good custom needs to draw on the white paper

Eats meal not well and so on bad food habit, is because when his food habit is a white paper,gifts for kids, the good custom has not fostered.

The custom, is one behaviour pattern, is in the foundation which operates repeatedly establishes. The good custom and viability as well as social interaction ability is actually establishes in the babies and infants time. The baby has one kind to be called since birth the unconditioned reflex congenital sexual reflex activity. Under guardian's looking, the baby depends upon this kind of reflection to maintain own survival. In these congenital, in the unconditioned reflex foundation, they start to accept the education which comes from guardian there, will form all kinds of day after tomorrow sexual reflex (conditioned reflex), subsequently slowly has formed the habit.

But our parents food nurtures the method is not right. The expert introduced that our country's parents thought feeds the food to the child is each parents' inherent responsibilities; But Europe's and America's parents like letting child eat meal early, because such may raise the good custom which child eat meal.

Let the child at the right moment independently eat meal

1 year-old child starts to long for that eats food independently.

Looking from the biology angle, seeks for food is animal's instinct, we may see that a baby birth will use to cry aloud expresses the hunger, will seek for food with the mouth, the slightly big spot, will use the hand to hold mother's breast or the milk bottle sucks in joyfully. Along with child's growth, to 1 year old above, the diet quantity increased unceasingly, strengthens gradually to each kind of food's adaptiveness, the mastication function establishes gradually, had own discrimination to food color fragrance, by now the child started to have the independent feed hope.

Therefore in this stage, should enable the child to become the feed gradually the main body, parents' function should transform the auxiliary function from the leadership, through encourages and assists the child to eat food, to let the child feel that the feed the joy, enjoys food together with adult the delicacy.

Feeds the food to let the child be injured

If the parents still fed the food by now to the child, will bring the varying degree inevitably to the child the injury.

First, is to chews the function the injury. Because the parents feed the food, often causes when the child feed wolfs down, cannot chew food fully, causes tooth's normal growth, face's muscle exercise to come under the influence, to tooth's firm, the prevention dental caries and so on plays not the good role, will have the certain extent influence to the child future facial features.

Second, are to digests the absorption function the influence. Food mastication is not full, swallows the belly not to be easy to digest.

Third, are the psychological burden overweight or the role is unclear. In feeds the food in the process, parents' each behavior and the performance of all forms, bring the varying degree to the child the pressure and the injury. If some parents, because rushes to time, on the one hand feeds on the other hand the food to urge that the child eats quickly, gradually will make the child to feel that will eat meal is one kind of burden, will think the feed not in the least pleasure. Many children to eat meal the resisting manner which holds, losses of appetite, the custom which selects food,coach kids shoes, is in this case produces.

Also some parents, when feeds the food to the child, often on the one hand feeds on the other hand the food to make the game with it, a food must feed above frequently one hour. Like this is no doubt good as the child mood, but the child did not understand that this is eating meal or is making the game, the role is unclear. Will form the bad usual practice, once will not have the game to follow, the food could not eat. This behavior like continues, will cause child's attention not to be centralized, affects present's study and the work.

Also some parents when feed the food, to let the child eat a spot, feeds while pledged that gives the child each kind of thing. Like this once forms the custom, the child possibly believed that through eats meal may gain certain benefits.

Fourth, will affect the child to act the balanced establishment. According to the expert studies, the Chinese uses the chopsticks with us to concern for a long time intelligently as the feed tool. The child eats food, to complete a feed movement independently, needs the hand, the mouth, the eye intercoordination coordination, if uses the chopsticks, the movement is finer, coordinated and the balanced ability is stronger. If had still needed the parents to 56 years old to feed the food, this is balanced to child's movement and is coordinated, even has the adverse effect to the intelligence.

Also, feeds the food excessive possible to support in a big way child's stomach, causes the young child to be obese.

The parents should let the child know, eats meal the main body is child, but is not parents, eats meal need which is grows, is not eats meal for the parents.

The child just started when eats food alone, sprinkles food, smears the clothing, does not give the blame; Is eating meal the misdeed which to the child the process appears not to give, fosters the child good food habit gradually.

4 parents want to learn the food to nurture

Many guardians asked: Raises child's food habit to be very difficult, cannot get quick results, now the child already selected food, has the partial eclipse, how managed? The expert introduced that the medicine teaches to unify is good means.

Eating behavior education: Is lets the child form the reliable impression to the healthy delicacy, causes the child the good food habit, the health beneficial recipes to take in food gradually the way, turns own custom.

Medicine method correction: Selects food, the partial eclipse custom brings the most disadvantageous consequence is the vitamin deficiency, particularly Vitamin B race's lacking, B the race Vitamin takes in the human body the many kinds of enzyme active factors, may promote the gastro-intestinal tract creeping motion to increase the appetite; But lacks time will cause the appetite not to be good, will thus intensify the child to select food the partial eclipse phenomenon, will create the vicious circle, serious will even produce losses of appetite the behavior. Therefore supplements Vitamin B suitably, may stimulate the stomach creeping motion, increases the child appetite. The parents should better carry on the medicine method under doctor's instruction the correction.

skirt suits After terminal examinations, what should the guardian make

First,skirt suits, faces the reality, the adjustment point of view.

After the test, parents' expectation, teacher's praise or the blame, score place between schoolmate's,(Related Articlesreborn baby dolls Approaches the test student to s), the friends and relatives compete and so on, these can bring the very tremendous pressure to the child. Child's result already became the reality, the guardian should face up to it bravely together with the child, facing it, and tries to find solution to act appropriately to the situation, the absorb experience and teaches in the later test, avoids making the similar mistake again.

Second, the multiple perspectives look at the position, analyzes the question dialectically.

Is listed in the position weighs the child progresses or not one of methods. Always arranged regarding some in the following child, the guardian should help the child multiple perspectives analysis to arrange at the forefront person and arranges at the following person, longitudinal quite placed, looked whether the child did progress, grasped the knowledge were whether more. If only places the vision on at present position, is very difficult to continue to progress, the part place comparison before the student possibly blind optimistic, will regress little.

Third, the reason analysis examination paper, the review studies the record,girls coats, draws up the feasible plan.

The test guardian's important task will be from now on helps the child to analyze various examination paper. The expert suggested that the guardian helps the child under teacher's instruction to analyze the examination paper. After all analysis work ready, may act according to child's special details making feasible plan, arranges the next stage the study and the life. When making plan, the guardian must have the short-term goal, causes the child to obtain the successful experience, thus enhancement study,target baby dolls, test confidence. Otherwise, if blind is too low goal determination Gao Huotai, will lose the goal and the plan practical significance, serious will also attack student's study enthusiasm.

Kids Clothes Analyzes psychologically healthy question which the young people exist

This investigation which carries on the whole city middle and elementary schools indicated by Chongqing Science of education Research institute that the young people psychologically healthy question formation rate presents the characteristic which obviously grows along with the age increases progressively. Looked from the age structure that the elementary student performance is the study difficulty, aspects and so on mood fluctuation, in the motion has the eccentricity, willful tendency; The junior high pupil displays for the test is anxious, aspects and so on puberty question, in the behavior study the warm drop, the self-closing tendency aggravation; The high-school student concentrates in enters a higher school with the human communication, the behavior general performance drops for the self-confidence, aggressive enhancement and so on. These questions include:

First, study aspect question.

This is the elementary and middle school students psychology question main part, displays is getting bigger and bigger for the study pressure, creates in the mental dispiritedness, remembers the effect to drop, thought slow and so on; Tires of study is in the present learning activity the quite prominent question,Kids Clothes, displays drops for the intellectual curiosity, is not only academic record bad schoolmate is not willing to study, partial result good schoolmate also appears tires of study the mood; Takes a test anxious, specially meets when a more important test anxious is more serious.

Second, interpersonal relationship question.

Mainly lies in the student not to learn the correct turn of expression, displays for is anxious with teacher's relations, did not understand mutually, does not trust; Between the parents and the children cannot carry on the normal communication, causes the student to be eccentric, despotic disposition; Between schoolmate is seeking the sense of belonging which admits,newborn baby boy clothes,(Related Articlesbaby boutique dresses In telephone's knowledge), understands and the trust aspect cannot obtain frequently satisfies, easy to have the lonely feeling, presents the puppy love.

Third, puberty block system psychology.

The main performance is tends the closure blockade external performance and day by day rich,dior kids clothing, complex innermost feelings activity coexisting in the identical individual.

Fourth, mood self-regulative ability is weak.

The mood fluctuation was big, displays saying that do not bump do not, was together the difficulty with other people.

baby gift The clever artisan hugs the baby, for child security sense

Dotes on the child grandfather paternal grandmother to look at the little darling, always likes hugging the baby to be unable to put down, young mother the young baby is hugged for fear that not comfortably, always dodges the young baby to lie down the bedboard, the back growth is only then good,(Related Articlescrochet baby blanket “three doll beloved sons the), does not let old person hug. The little darling likes hugging actually, but grandfather paternal grandmother hugs him (her) is not the neck extends the queen mother, is the belly presses Qu Zhuo not to be happy.

Just was born the soon baby whole body to be soft, seems is such weakness, the head cannot lift, the pate, the waist supports incapable, this is mainly because his pate and the back muscle growth is imperfect. Therefore, Guangzhou Medical school third affiliated hospital department of pediatrics Director Professor Cui Qiliang reminds, hugs when the young baby wants to remember a principle, earnest study several postures - - -

A principle

A hand should the cradling his head pate, another hand be supposed the cradling baby's waist and the buttocks,baby gift, causes baby's forehead and the body receives the very good support, has the security sense.

Several kinds hold the posture

Hugs horizontally the baby when the baby lies supine in the crook of the elbow, you use the left hand gently to insert to his waist and the buttocks, puts gently with the right hand to underneath his neck, slowly hugs him, like this, baby's body will have the backing, will hang in the future; Then carries over the baby forehead's right hand the left arm to be curved slowly, puts his head careful extension to left hand's crook of the elbow, like this hugs horizontally the baby in yours crook of the elbow, will make him to feel that will be very comfortable.

Hugs the baby face under is letting baby's small cheeks one side depending on yours forearm, both hands cradling his body, lets him lie prone on the double arm, this posture may also the oscillation baby, often cause him to be happy,pumpkin patch kids clothing, and likes such holding the posture.

Let the baby before work as the baby is slightly big some, when well may control own forehead,kids clothes, lets the baby back on your chest, with hand cradling his buttocks, another hand spheres his chest. Thus, lets the baby hug before, front enables him to have a look at well the world.

Let the baby ride sits in yours crotch baby and you face-to-face, lets his both legs separate, rides sits on yours hip, your cradling his buttocks, spheres his back. By now the baby if thought also the insufficient security, his microcheiria closely will hold your arm.


Guangzhou Medical school third affiliated hospital pediatrician Tan Xiaohua said that 1-2 month-long babies are mainly hug horizontally in the crook of the elbow, 3 months later mainly adopts sets upright is hugging.

baby doll [baby summer clothing Xiu]Xi Xi comes the Xiu summer clothing

Xi Xi nearly 13 months, these day of having diarrhea not good, from is born the first having diarrhea, was very originally thin a having diarrhea to be thinner looks that I good loved dearly, yesterday afternoon also the photography which tosses about by me, mother is really ashamed.

The Xi Xi's clothes most are in wash buy valuable, I compare like the skirt also having have the butterfly knot flower bud silk lace clothes, the B2W2 small wooden horse style, price before 80 Yuan, should better the purified cotton, be selects greatly may put on for two seasons, after each time strolls washes favors the pleasing clothes, valuable again roving commission this clothes, compares which family's clothes to be cheaper may also buy a other useful thing together in his family, after the baby is born, on has been washing washes the thing valuable, generally speaking also satisfies, only then one time to me to send the wrong clothes.

Below comes under Xiu baby's clothing, the baby also to walk adds on not well falls ill the weather to be also hot, therefore at home pats, the optical fiber a little dark racket's not good baby does not coordinate,

These three model of T-shirt are washing the valuable identical family to buy, small cherry T-shirt Bai Huangge one 20 Yuan, the red rose T-shirt was sends to me mistakenly,baby doll, too greatly was not the funds which I wanted, has not drawn back puts on again in the next two years,trendy baby clothes, exposed to the sun 22 Yuan together

The first pink color falls the belt small skirt is the price which the friend buys is not clear. The second princess the skirt is washing 45 Yuan which buys valuable,

Is celebrates a birthday to the baby puts on, following two price which is the relative buys is not clear

The first rainbow skirt and the left under awning awning skirt is the price which buys in the roadside is about 20 Yuan, compared to is washing valuable also cheap,

The second broken flowers one-piece dress in washes buys only then 10 Yuan valuable, the right underneath cake skirt is washing 30 Yuan which buys valuable

These three are is washing the valuable identical family to buy, the white and red long T are 29 Yuan, the red thin coat is 33 Yuan,

In the morning cold time may put on

This is at home puts on,(Related Articles[husbands and wives irony of fate]I and his reason), but also several have not patted, was 5 Yuan one has bought several shorts.

Baby's shoe are not many, at home the baby is not willing to put on the shoe, the shoe is in washes about 25 Yuan which buys valuable

The baby is not willing to bring the hat, first two are is washing buys valuable, the stetson is 13 Yuan,

The spatial top cap is one cent money which 10 Yuan middle homburgs are I sew has not spent, the following swirl hairlace has is washing buys valuable also has

Buys in the locality, not only but also many knew that which put goes

First two knit the underpants is 18 Yuan which washes buys valuable, should be seven points, but the baby put on is becoming the trousers

The following short is the price which the relative buys is not clear

Below was baby Xiu, this was when one year old patted

The photograph time baby wanted to pull has been corpulent,designer baby boy clothes, the left following baby was pulling corpulently do not want to be laughed at

The baby did not coordinate to cry,

The baby digs up every day is sleeping or cries on the night, in the morning the eye swells

On these, the baby awoke first has not had the time to write has been detailed, had the time to renew again.

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toddler girls clothes 3~6 year old child's reading development and chooses the book suggestion

You may be very curious, how many 3,4 year-old children don't these large brush-written Chinese characters recognize, how are they read? Actually, when the parents babbles from the child, frequently with them together altogether reads the picture-book, you will detect three, four year-old baby had had in fact already quite many knowledge to the writing system. For example: They may indicate and confirm the familiar writing, they may indicate and confirm the writing mark which in certain daily lives contacts frequently, they will tell you them to know that ' the small goldfish ran away ' title page title small, this demonstrated that they knew the writing will be different with the general graph,toddler girls clothes, will be representing the special significance, also will have the specific name (pronunciation).

1st, the baby may perceive the writing the different function:

The baby can also from the experience of life understand that to the writing system's function, for example they knew mother pastes on refrigerator's shopping detailed list and the dining room menu content, they represent the use and the function are dissimilar.

2nd, the baby will imitate with the new character word which will come using the book middle school:

Altogether reads the picture-book frequently with the baby, but may also promote them to the spoken language the understanding and the expression, not only they will imitate the new phrase which and the complex syntax will altogether read studies, in the daily life the unceasing attempt and the application.

3rd, the baby listens identification ability to be keener:

If the parents read the nursery rhymes frequently, the nursery song and so on rhythm's books listen to the baby, the baby will be keener regarding pronunciation consciousness, for example they may indicate and confirm in the nursery rhymes the ryhme pronunciation, also in the game which will mutter will create the ryhme the sentence.

These looked that resembles the ordinary reading knowledge, actually accumulates, regarding child's reading interest and future independent reading knowledge fostering, but has the big influence, therefore, before the parents may not want the careless and indiscreet study, stage reading course the importance!

How then the parents should be 3~4 year-old baby select the book?

Because in the books is containing quite the diverse content, 3~4 year-old baby likes listening to the story very much mostly, has also filled the curiosity to the book and reading, therefore, the parents may hold this stage child's development characteristic, as well as usually to child's observation, choose for the child conforms to the child interest good book. Just,homemade baby gift baskets, 3~4 year-old child has the suitable distinctive quality in the body and mind development, therefore, how should from child's development characteristic be the consideration, measures the body for them to make to order the most suitable reading content?

1st, the story must be able to hold child's attention

Many parents complained that the child has often not listened to the story to lose the patience; Actually causes the baby to lack the patient principal factor to have two: First, the story is too long; second, story insufficient attraction. According to counts the baby only then approximately to have seven minutes to four year-old time dedicated strength statistical length, therefore the too long books content certainly will cause the baby to divert attention. But, if can conform to time child's interest, his dedicated strength can increase along with it. Therefore, might as well chooses the amusing toy book, pleasantly surprised flips the book, the illustration is fascinating, the story provokes laughter the humorous picture-book, is may help to elongate the child dedicated strength the good book.

2nd, the plot is the child understandable content

This stage's baby starts to enter the group life, the experience of life suddenly develops, cognitive learning's hope also increases along with it, in reading process, although also is only pauses to the literal sense understanding, but they to plot progress,baby girls clothes, observation but was getting more and more keen. Therefore, the parents may attempt provide the complex story book to give the child slightly, indirect, can also promote child's in cognition progress. Just, must remind the parents when selects the story book for the child, avoids the book the content surpassing child's understanding degree; At the same time, the story result should better be is clear, has orderliness, when the story result is fuzzy or the ambiguous books suits the age slightly long child.

3rd, may stimulate the child imagination the picture-book

Three year-old later child along with cognitive capacity's promotion, the imagination also starts to take off; This time the creative picture-book, most could give what is desired. Therefore, the parents might as well choose some fantasy class picture-book,(Related Articlesinfant baby clothes Child's skin appliances will b), initiates space which the baby imagines. However, this stage's child will also present some emotionalisms the behavior performance, for example: Fears black. Therefore, may also choose with the child mood experience related picture-book, reads together with the child, this is also helps the child to deal with the mood issue one way.

4th, may increase likewise heart's social sentiment class child book

Along with the movement, the expression, cognitive capacity's growth, three year-old about child has been able to unfold many benefits his behavior. Therefore, reads the social sentiment class together with the child the picture-book, besides helps him to know own mood, when the child enters the preschool, could the keen likewise other child's mood feeling, have the good interpersonal interactive skill. This lets the child have the good interpersonal ability, may be fosters from the reading experience!